Vegas Fishing Info

Lake Mead Fishing License –

  • When fishing within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area You will need a 1-Day Permit to Fish which cost $18.00. If you are fishing a second Consecutive Day, the cost to add is $7.00.
  • If you plan to fish more than one time with me in a year and are not a resident of Nevada, the better option is to purchase the NV Interstate Boundary Waters license at $30.00 for the year.
  • Licenses must be purchased prior to the trips departure. Your options are:
    1) You may purchase on line at This is a new system as of Jan 1. 2018 and they are experiencing technical difficulties. Start the process as soon as you make your reservation.
    2) You may purchase them locally in Las Vegas at a brick and mortar store such as Bass Pro Shops or Walmart. I suggest that as your last choice and if you do not have a US Social Security number avoid Walmart and Kmart.

What is included in the cost of your trip? –

  • All Bait and tackle.
  • Bottled water.
  • Fish filleting should you wish to keep your catch.
  • A fun filled memorable trip.

Transporting your catch home –

  • Many of my customers take their catch home with them. After filleting, I put your fish into 1 gallon Ziploc bags. From that point I have heard of a couple of methods to get them home. One is that the traveler takes a soft sided ice chest with them and packs the fish into that bag with ice which is contained in a plastic bag. They then use it as a personal carry on piece of luggage. The other is to use a hard sided case and use it as checked baggage. You may not use dry ice to package your items as it is a prohibited chemical. What ever you decide, contact your carrier to find out what specific rules they have in relation to either method.

What should you bring? –

  • Sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • Your fishing license
  • A hat, cap or visor
  • Clothing appropriate to the seasonal weather
  •  A snack or lundh for longer trips

Transportation –

  • Your options are to hire a transportation company to pick you up in a Limo or Van which is very expensive.
  • Call a taxi – although it is only about 30 miles from the major hotels I have heard some of my customers who choose this option paying upwards of $125 plus tip for two people going one direction. 
  • Rent a car which I suggest. some of my customers have paid as little as $20 for a 24 hour rental by planning ahead and shopping around. This also gives you the flexibility to see some of the sights like Hoover Dam which is about 7 miles from our meeting spot or Valley of Fire State Park.
  • Uber has been working very well for some of my clients. They are quick and so far the most a client has paid for a trip to the lake from the strip is $38.00. Make sure you make arrangements with your uber driver for a pick up later in the day for your ride back as this will guarantee somebody will be there.

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